The move to mobile

As of writing this article, there are over 7,772,205,320 active mobile devices which equate to 1.04 mobile devices per human neing on the planet. According to GSMA Intelligence, the number of mobile phones surpassed the number of people around the 7.19 Billion mark.
tablets and smart phones are multiplying at a rate 5X quicker than human beings the mobile phone has become the fastest growing man-made phenomenon ever. From 0 – 7.2 Billion in just three decades.

However, This data may suggest that every person on the planet has a mobile device which isn’t the case. Still today more than half of the population of Earth do not have access to a mobile device which would mean the true average number of mobile devices owned by each person who does own them is between 2 – 3.

So which companies sell the most?

Apple recently announced that the 1 Billionth iPhone had been sold as of July 27th 2016, marking a huge milestone for the company. However, Samsung has dwarfed this figure and has sold 1.12 billion smartphones since 2010. Samsung remains the largest mobile phone distributor in the world with no signs of slowing.

What are all these mobile phones used for?

Un-surprisingly mobile phones are now less used for calling one another as they are used for browsing the internet. In fact, mobile phones are now most commonly used for taking pictures. During a poll of 1,954 people, 82% claimed that they use their phones for their camera and 80 using their phone for instant messaging and text messaging. Make sure that when you are being searched for by a mobile devise user, ensure that your website is mobile compatible with a responsive website. It is becoming more important than ever that a user has a good experience when viewing your website, especially if you want them to act now and make a call, inquiry or place an order.

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