Here at Search4Local, in Exeter, we specialise in helping local businesses promote themselves through a diverse range of digital marketing platforms. Our knowledgeable team work with clients across; Exeter, Weston-super-Mare, Bristol, Taunton, Cardiff, Newport and across the South West. We help businesses develop and implement robust social media marketing strategies for lead generation purposes.

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Search4Local’s professional team understand how important an effective social media advertising plan is, which is why we are here to help you. Many businesses underestimate the power of social media. The experts at Search4Local can help your business utilise social media platforms so that they benefit any marketing strategy.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of social media promotion campaign strategies. Ranging from paid advertising to setting-up a Facebook Page, we are sure we have the perfect marketing solution for you.

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social Media Marketing is the process of using social networks to attract more traffic and attention to your business or website. It involves using a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or one of the many other outlets to promote a service or product.

Many social media platforms have built-in analytics options, allowing the company or individual to view the progress and success of their product or service. Marketing on Social Media is an excellent way to promote and advertise your company’s services and successes to potential and existing customers.

Additionally, it is an excellent way to hone in on your specific target audience. Social Media networks such as Facebook allow you to target your audience via both demographics and psychographics. These features, therefore, allow companies the capability to implement highly-targeted social media marketing campaigns.

Let our expert team at Search4Local help you 

Ultimately, many people attempt to complete their social media marketing themselves, however, most fail miserably. Customers often attempt to implement their own advertising on social media, using the generic boost post option. This tactic may appear useful because it reaches a wide audience. However, if this method is not manipulated in the correct way the audience you reach may be completely irrelevant to your business.

Our team at Search4Local are professionals in the social media marketing sector. We offer a high level of expertise which will help you realise the potential of social media marketing.

Here at Search4Local in Exeter, we are qualified in management systems and understand how to target your own specific audience. For every £1 you would spend doing your own advertising campaign, you will save when using our expert services. Furthermore, when carried out correctly, Social Media promotion can be an incredibly affordable and effective option.

Paid Facebook Advertising 

Search4Local offer targeted paid social media advertising services to all our customers. We have a wide customer base spread across; Exeter, Taunton, Bristol, Weston-super-Mare, Newport, Cardiff and the South West. Customers choose to come to us because we have the expertise to optimise a social media marketing campaign to its optimum potential.

Furthermore, we have in-house designers here at our digital marketing studio in Exeter. They will provide high-level graphic design skills to develop unique advertisements for your company. These adverts are tailored to meet the exact requirements of our customers. For example, if you require a Christmas advert or are promoting a brand-new sofa, we will create this using the specific image, design and content you require.

Our Complete Social Media Management Package

Search4Local are proud to offer a complete social media package to our customers. Our complete social media management package means you can focus on running your business while we run your social media campaign. We offer various levels of social media management packages These packages include; regular adverts, posts to your company page, increasing likes and followers and raising brand awareness.

These packages benefit our customers because they do not have to worry about coordinating time-consuming social media management. For example, maintaining regular posting to keep the audience engaged.

How much does Social Media Marketing cost? 

There is a huge variation of costs involved with marketing your company using a social media platform. For example, companies can decide to market their products or services themselves. This, of course, is the most cost-effective option, but the results will not be as effective. If social media marketing is done effectively, then it should cost you nothing. The conversion and increase in sales that you can receive from good promotion on social media, should mean you make more money than you spend.

Paid Social Media advertising methods are a far more effective way of promoting your services or products in comparison to free advertising. Our team of experts work with your specific budget and requirements to implement the perfect social media advertising strategy for you and your business. In addition, we will provide monthly reports, so you can track the progress of your campaign.

Creating a Facebook page comes at no cost to a business. However, maintaining these pages and creating regular posts and adverts can become a hassle. That’s where we come in. Search4Local are here to help you. We offer our expert Social Media Marketing services at competitive prices while maintaining high-quality and reliable services.

What are the benefits of Social Media Advertising? 

Social Media advertising is one of the most affordable yet effective ways of marketing a service or product. At Search4Local, here in Exeter, we believe that social media advertising is key to the success of a business. Therefore, we strive to provide all our customers with high-quality, professional social media strategies which will enhance any marketing campaign.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on which to promote a business. Due to Facebook’s set-up, companies can target specific, niche audiences, simply by targeting users’ specific demographics and psychographics. Companies can, therefore, ensure that their posts are reaching their desired audience, increasing the effectiveness of the advert or post.

Additional Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Improved Brand Awareness

Good Brand Awareness comes from; likes, shares, comments and images.

Improved SEO of your website

If your social media platform is tied into your business website, this will help your rankings in Google and other search engines.

Customer Satisfaction

Good interaction and engagement with your audience results in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Higher Conversion Rates

Likes, shares, comments and tags can lead customers to your website. This provides an excellent opportunity to convert visits into the sale of your service or product.

What are the most popular social media platforms for marketing? 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat are statistically proven to be the most popular social media platforms currently on the market in the UK. It is therefore, advised that businesses use these platforms to promote their products and services, to reach a wider target audience.

Marketing through social media is a cost-effective alternative to many other advertising formats. As a result, Search4Local here in Exeter, recommend social media marketing to all our customers.

Need advice about Social Media Advertising?

If you need advice about social media advertising, contact the experts at Search4Local. We have a team of experienced online advertising experts who can create bespoke advertising campaigns for your business. From artwork design to branding, messaging, setup and campaign management, we have the expertise to run your social media campaign to optimum performance. Contact us today to find out more. For a free consultation, call us on 01392 409 159 or fill out our contact form.