Frequently asked questions on website design and other services are listed below, but please feel free to contact us via the contact page, or by phone.

Do you sell over the phone?

We believe in “Old Fashion Values”. Our USP (unique selling point) that differs from nearly all our competition within the Marketing sector is that we are prominently field-based. This means we will come to you. Digital products are more complex than traditional forms of advertising and can be difficult to understand from the other end of a phone.

We like to meet in person at the business premises to ascertain the correct information needed, sometimes if necessary over a few visits, so we can produce a website design (or service) as to the requirements, but more important to start the business relationship with clients.

We are however flexible and if you wish to deal over the phone then ‘Yes’ we can discuss and arrange suitable products over the phone.

Our business formula is “To help businesses find, serve, and retain” customers.

How long do websites take to build?

Great question, and it will depend on the type of site in question. We create websites from 5 pages upwards, e-commerce sites and technically-advanced sites to meet the demands for 21st Century small to large business.

Once our dedicated team have met, we can give time scales. Be assured good things come to those who wait, however our normal turn around time once we’ve received all relevant information is 15-20 working days.

What’s included in the design service for sites as standard?

Many other companies build sites pleasing to the eye (as we do) but forget about the main purpose of site builds and their sole part.

A website is a window to the business in question, that’s open 24/7  365 days a year. A major function is to sell, produce enquiries, and give owners a good ROI.

We make sure that your site is visible to the search engines by optimising each page, concentrating on copy content and meta elements. Many companies do not do this and fail to understand its importance!

Do you write the copy for sites?

Yes we do, there is a fine art and balance to this around keywords, and their placement within sites. Our staff are fully trained in content writing with copywriting certificates and accredited with Yoast training courses. Be sure, you are in safe hands!

Can you show example sites?

Yes, call us or contact us. We give free site audits, and help with awkward questions for free. Once we have an idea of the market place you cover, example sites will be given, maybe your competition is there!

How do we book a visit from your consultants?

We are on the road visiting existing, and new clients everyday. A phone call or email from you via the contact page will enable you to talk to the highly trained team. They will arrange a convenient time for a meeting. We are based in Exeter, but cover all Devon, North Somerset, Taunton, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, South Wales and Gloucester.

Are there ongoing maintenance fees, and are the sites licensed?

We do not charge an ongoing maintenance fee. Our supported hosting covers updates, security and minor website amends- this is an annual agreement however can be paid monthly. We feel that unnecessary ongoing fees are a bad industry practice- if you are investing money we believe you should be getting a valued service. We try to give you more exposure to digital traffic by using the fees on something worthwhile, and complement your business.

Unlike many directory sites, our sites belong to you, all log in information is given to you once paid and built so no more waiting 15 minutes in a queue to speak to a foreign call centre to make an amend.

Are there contracts?

The answer is ‘yes’.  A contract gives transparency to the service purchased. We can explain more on a visit, or call. With most website builds we give customers the option of paying upfront, or running over 10 months, this enables you to manage cash flow and budgets. We offer interest free payments. Other products have different payment terms. You can be confident we should be able to offer terms to suit your business.

Do we pay for changes to websites during the year?

As a rule, providing they are not major changes, they are included. A quick phone call to the office, and changes are often done there and then. We like to be different to other companies and pride ourselves on speedy deliver and customer satisfaction.

Is there an option for discounts for multi-site builds?

The WordPress sites we build are quality, and competitively priced. Best speak too the sales consultants at time of order.