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Site structure for SEO is a subject that is widely underestimated. It not only enhances on site SEO but allows each page to be crawled, get indexed and the information stored in the ” Big Google Book Of Facts” 

We need to look at this with simplicity to understand its importance, so let’s talk in plain English here:

Google reads all information, and places the facts in its book. But the book can sometimes get untidy. Imagine writing a novel on everything in the world; facts, figures etc. and trying to update it with new relevant information. Picture how big the index at the back would be!…………..

Make sure the company that builds your site includes HTML and XML site maps, because this aids Google. All best practice for On Page SEO  and Off site SEO.

Can you see a picture forming here now why site structure for SEO is key?

Now, to be efficient when someone types a question into the search bar, Google needs to return the correct information from its book within a certain time period. We live in a hectic, busy world where speed and efficiency are key! It can not always access all the information within its time period through sites with bad structure. We have more tips on our free SEO advice page

In a nut shell, you may have important, crucial content that Google wants, but can’t access. This has a few critical knock backs for business owners and Google.

  • As a small business your page (pages) will not be returned in the SERPs, contributing to missed sales opportunities.
  • Google dip out in finding really relevant facts that people SHOULD READ. It is a two way street.
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Now it gets exciting……..

We now know that Google is driving towards voice applications, and mobile friendly sites are rewarded more in the search results, than others without, so having your website built with the foundation correctly laid, internal links created, and the overall site being the great crawlability factor makes sense right?

With nearly 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, it’s obvious the majority search via mobile devices on the move, rather than traditional PCs.

So why would we expect any different with our sites?……We are victims of our own success. We want things now, impatient, just living in the fast lane of life.

Let’s look at an easy way to manage SEO site structure process in its simplest form to achieve visible results

Site structure for SEO and getting your ideas on paper as a visual guide will pay dividends and may seem obvious, but it is still surprising how many small businesses overlook this major factor to site builds, and it builds a strong foundation that can be built upon and save money, and reduce the time of build. To get a general indicator go to our examples of website pricing page.

  • Get your general design and site structure written on a white board with a clear mapping system
  • This technique will prompt a defined URL structure and make the site easy to navigate for customers and visitors, but more importantly enable search engines to crawl and index the site and in return, providing you with sales!
  • In short, a poorly structured site will not enable customers or search engines to find you = no sales/enquiries

Stay with me here, the jigsaw is nearly complete!

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Site Structure for SEO and Understanding Hierarchy and its importance, keeping pages in check!

So at the beginning of the page, we spoke about the importance, and hierarchy is always present in life, we just sometimes forget………… but let’s  look at facts here to finish this exhilarating topic!

In life we have a hierarchy structure, when we were at school, in work, and in the general population, not to mention the “Animal Kingdom.” If not it will get messy, unruly, and just maybe create a form of anarchy! We all have people to report to even if we don’t care much for that way of life, but it is factual.

Set your site out in order of importance. An example of this maybe we are writing about “Birds” in a blogging post using a WordPress site. We may end up writing about different types of birds, sea birds, tropical birds etc.

These would be other pages from “Birds” using subheadings.

By having the site structure organised in a readable design for readers, and for the sole intentions of Google and search engines to crawl, will keep things in order for your small business and the “Google’s big book of facts” for page indexing.

So, the final piece of the puzzle now fits into place……..

Internal linking adds the final ingredient to the masterpiece for site structure for SEO

Kissmetrics explains Internal linking. It puts the “Beef” into “Beef Stew” by doing exactly what is says, it links all the pages together making it accessible to readers and Google for indexing. Google loves this, and readers/visitors also………because they can jump from page to page making the (UX) user experience far more magical, and they will stay on site.

By keeping people dwelling on your site/page for longer, sends a message to Google that you like the page, it’s informative, so they will push you up the rankings.

Meta elements can influence click through rates on sites, with a clear signal to Google that they like and prefer your page to others. This can increase rankings for you.

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A Simple URL Structure Benefits Google and Customers

A friendly URL structure is a big part of SEO in site structure, the building blocks for success that make or break small business and are often overlooked. This is an integral foundation and should always be implied during the initial stage of any site construction.

URL, or uniform resource locators is where your site/page is located on the web and shown in the address bar on the (SERP) results.

The URL is broken down into sub-sections as listed below.

  • http:// This is the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
  • www.mydomain.com |This is your domain name (host and server ID)
  • /Folder Name/ This is where your file is filed.
  • web-page-file-name.htm

Top Tips for URL structures are as follows:

#1 Keep it simple, logical, keep in mind Usability, Visibility, Remember Ability

WordPress use a (CMS) or content management system and allows customers to change URLs but be careful when doing this!

#2 Try to use your keywords in the URL close to the root domain

#3 Make the URL user friendly, so there is no need to include prepositions etc

#4 Create an XML site map

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