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SEO Meta Tags are part of on site (On Page) SEO elements, during website construction, but they are not a magical structure and there are some debates around this. However, they are an important factor. In this post we will explain their roles, including the HTML elements. Meta Tags represent the first stage of any SEO role. If using a WordPress (CMS) content management system they can be implemented in an easier way and play a significant role in structuring a site.

Meta tags are not a major ranking signal, with Google in 2017/18 as it’s swung towards high quality content, reputation and relevance,

Title Tag (page title) clearly defining what your page is about

Title Tags (SEO meta tags) are the most important element, and has a huge impact on search results, and traffic visible to both user and Google. They can be seen in both organic and PPC landing pages (SERPs)

It’s a clear signal to Google about what the page is about, and the user. User experience plays highly in Google, hence ALT tags and descriptions, but will cover that later.

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Meta description attribute, clear message too users, that can influence click through rates (CTR)

SEO meta tags do have some impact on site optimisation, but the meta description (attribute) is your chance to add a dynamic selling platform (like a directory advert). Before the digital market place and search engines took over, directories were a main source of selling your services. Use this space to sell your products/services. Use descriptive, useful information that a user can read. This has been proved to enhance the click trough rates, thus getting more unique visitors to the page. Write for humans, not search engines!


H1-H6 Tags. Your headings define what the paragraph/page section is about.

SEO Meta tags and elements also include headings and subheadings, numbered from H1-H6 . Think of this as a newspaper, you see the main heading that’s dynamic, short and tells the reader what the content is about.

Headings should be used in order of importance, so H1 (only use one per page) being the most crucial to grab attention, then moving down to H6. Use them as a main point, and sub-point. They are building blocks that move towards your conclusion. We have a section on good copy content if you wish to read.

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free seo tips for small business

Alt Text and descriptions for images provide visually impaired people using screen readers a dynamic User Experience!

WordPress (CMS) comes with very useful gadgets that help with understanding SEO meta tags, and also the alt text/ descriptions to optimize photos and yes, Google is very proactive on (UX) user experience. This does include the visually impaired. Most use screen readers so this explains the photos, and the descriptions and can help with having photos shown via Google image search.

Many beginners do upload photos, as this helps with the visual interaction, and it breaks up the “Sea of Text” seen if using a mobile, it breaks up the page, adds a more dynamic experience. Remember a photo paints a thousand words!

You can use this functionality to add stories behind the photos, so in short:

  • Make use of this function to enable search engines to understand what your images convey

WordPress themed websites do provide these fields. You can upload into your media library. Enter the attachment details as part of on-site SEO meta tag (elements)

  • Use the title of the photo, it tells people what the photo is of 
  • Construct the description, to explain in more detail
  • Add a caption if required, people scan, draws attention

Meta Robots attributes and their meaning.

Basically, this tells search engines what to do with the pages:

  • No Follow/Follow tells search engines to either trust the link and follow, or not. If you want to keep your “Link Juice on the pages or not!
  • Noindex/index explains to the engines if the pages are to be shown in the search results, or not (Publish/No Publish)


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Conclusion on SEO meta tags and their usage

It’s all a lot to take in, but as a rule-of-thumb, use common sense. Visit our free seo advice pages to help small business understand, and gain traction in the optimisation world. There are pages about on page tutorials and some helpful pages explaining the benefits of off site seo strategies. 

Visit for sound marketing advice and read his article on why meta tags are so important. Incredible resources from a leading author on marketing advice.