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How to do keyword analysis is a crucial part of any website build or design for small (SME) business. Getting it correct the first time will provide vital leads, and save time. The following information will cover free tools, the easiest process, and competitor research needed to be visible in the SEO arena.

  • Keyword research and analysis for site structuring based on your site’s age.
  • Research competitors to be realistic in the selection of SEO specific long-tail keywords.

It’s not about getting visitors to websites but attracting the correct visitors. Ask yourself some simple questions like are the search engine optimisation key phrases relevant to the content on your site, will the visitors find what they are looking for once on the website, and finally will there be sufficient (ROI) return on investment?

Below are some free keyword research tools to benefit small business in the UK

Many companies struggle on how to do keyword analysis through confusion, but by using these free SEO tools underneath, it will show keyword search volume for best optimisation practices in 2018.

  • Before you write any content it’s best to learn how to conduct keyword research through various free search term tools to find relevant keywords, synonyms and LSI words to use.

Here are some free optimisation phrase research tools below. The keyword explorer by Moz is a great start and the LSI generator tool is a fantastic edition along with Google Adwords

  • Use the keywords and search to find your competitors, be realistic. If you are a new business with a new URL the chances of outranking others will be slim using “Broad search keywords” For example, let’s say you have a website design company, using “website design” may be too competitive, but using long-tailed keywords would be better for example ” Web design company Bristol”


Keyword Research process for long-tailed keywords and how they can benefit SME business

Searchable long-tailed phrases through a structured keyword process can be very specific to your business. They get less traffic, but the point is everyone is trying to rank for the top searches. Keywords, key phrases, seed keywords, focus keywords are all terms commonly used.

  • Long keywords are phrases made up of more than one word and focus more on a niche.
  • Focus keywords are the phrases you wish the page to be found for.
  • The purpose of keyword research is to be competitive, make time for it.

If you are using WordPress (CMS) CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM it would be a great step too use the

The best free ways on how to find amazing keywords for optimising is by exhausting Google’s search bar!

  • Type in your keyword in the search bar, then look at the bottom of the page. Google has already given you alternative terms below so use them, it’s free!
  • Type in SEO into the search bar, then look at the results at the bottom of the SERP’s using the free tools, you can easily gauge specific keyphrase search traffic. Click here for more free optimising tips
  • Searches related to SEO

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    SEO Google, SEO wiki

Another incredible free keyword research tool is again Google! 

  • Type in your keyword again, let’s say it’s “Chocolate” and Google will auto-suggest 10 variations below
  • Now just add an underscore to the end of chocolate______________
  • Now you have more useful suggestions. You also put the underscore in front and after!
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Knowing how to use the Google Keyword Planner and Google correlate is useful.

Getting your head around this topic can be frustrating, but practice makes perfect but these incredible tools do help when researching and knowing how to do keyword analysis efficiently

Follow the link here to try google correlate

  • Enter your search term into the box and click search correlations

The closer the number is to 1, the more often it’s searched. Generating an extensive keyword list is the first, and most important task.

Google keyword planner is a great tool, but there are some issues, and number one problem is it gives the suggestions to everyone, including your competition, so use the other methods, it makes sense right?