Content writing for websites I concur 100% can be brutally challenging to satisfy visitors, and best SEO practices to meet Google’s demands today. keywords and phrases help achieve rankings whilst driving search traffic to your webpage.

 Yet, it’s a constant battle, right?

But what if there were methods to simplify content writing talent, rather than all the SEO penning techniques?

free seo tips for small business

Now that would be an incredible free tip, right?

Picture this …………Imagine not worrying as often, or banging your head against the wall with nagging thoughts about:

  • Keyword density, content writing
  • Is my writing good enough, unique and provoking?
  • Is my word count enough, have I used LSIs ? 
  • Have I over optimised the site, kissmetrics explains  penalties from google?

Yes, I thought so, now we’ve all been there!! …….

But there’s good news for small business owners, and the many young people applying for freelance content writer jobs online with some techniques we all have, but just didn’t realise!

So let’s get down to business….

We all possess Content Writing Skills, but we chose over time to forget, let’s jog our memories with a story!

I was never that fascinated during English studies, because like most I can image, the thought process at the tender age of 13 was not solely on English studies!

Even to this day, I can still recall murmuring softly, “it’s a pointless chore to undertake, and why should I ponder over adjectives or even attempt to see the logical sense of adverbial phrases.”

It was such a chore. I mean speaking, writing, and communicating was enough, so who cares about sentence construction, or even that an essay should have an Intro, body text and conclusion!

“Teach me a foreign language!” I yelled at my English teacher. Yes, I was slightly “feral” in my younger days!

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We’ve all been there, right?…….

My teacher even said my essays were boring, my adjectives were feeble, my vocabulary was dismal to say the least, and it was suggested I ought to research synonyms to stop repetitive usage of the same words! (Over-optimisation)

Well as time moved on, my English improved, if only by a little, until my work in the media/digital market space forced me into an IELTS course to improve copy writing and that’s when the penny dropped!

Does my old English teacher from 40 years ago (Making him 87) have a new job within Google!!

With all joking aside, I’m sure you can see where this is heading.

Let’s look at the facts here.

  • POTENTIAL PROBLEM: If you over-use the keywords/phrase within content writing it will look Spammy and unnatural, penalties from Google could be forced.
  • POSSIBLE SOLUTION: To overcome this issue use synonyms and sprinkle a few LSI words into the mix as English teachers taught us at school!
  • POSSIBLE PROBLEM: Not using the correct heading, or not staying on topic, not writing rich, thought provoking copy content.
  • POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Use adjectives to add some colour, use the structure we used at school by having an introduction, the body of the text giving reasons and examples, finishing with a conclusion
Writing graphic icon pencil in notebook

There we have it. I think indirectly Google are forcing us back to school, by giving us English classes with my old teacher!

This article was written in a fun way. At a higher level, much more goes into this for SEO purposes and copy writing, but I truly believe this is a step in the right direction to basic copy writing skills, eliminating some potential issues. I dedicate this to Mr Moore my teacher back in 1973 and I would have listened, because in the SEO industry, it definitely helps!


Writing content for a website needs a little effort to reap the rewards

We sustain two practicable trains of thought when being hired for content writing. They are always the same as with any crucial element within all website construction and digital development services.

  • Spending time to prepare, producing inspiring, yet unique transcript, highlighting our customers USPs, services/products on an open source (CMS) WordPress theme.
  • Managing each clients’ expectations, yet still using the old school business formulas of meeting at your environment for a detailed analysis, and discussion of company’s goals. We not only accomplish your objectives, but hope to maintain a working relationship into the future.

We offer a 100% free initial consultation service by phone, or a member of our Professional Account Directors can visit your business address. Need advice?Just ask!  EXETER   01392 409159

With all projects undertaken, or carried out by individuals on content, a structured plan is needed beforehand.

  • Free SEO advice for small business operations is to take time, as time well spent on writing copy will pay back dividends in the long run. 
  • Spend time creating, putting in the effort and reap the rewards of building a prosperous brand, Putting no effort in and create poor content,  leads to a mixture of wasted time and no results! 
  • Never try to copy other content, this is a big mistake that leads to penalties from Google.
  • Write original copy and you will be rewarded not only because its natural but Google loves this!
  • Original content written for readers will rank higher in the SERP results leading to more visitors!
  • Creating strong headings will draw readers to the point or article that you are focusing on.
  • If you have nothing good to write, then don’t write it.
  • Give answers to questions and stay on topic.
  • Add photos or videos, and make it into a story and thought provoking!
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breaking newspapers stacked and rolled

Think of this as a newspaper, we all read them, right?…………….. People do not read, but rather scan, and the headlines are what we look at. How many of us digest every word?

If this is new, and SEO components are somewhat difficult to understand, by following these simple rules you will naturally write for readers AND GOOGLE.

Now let’s not get too excited here!  Yes, we know that keyword research, not forgetting advanced SEO techniques, is instrumented within the SEO world, however that story is somewhat different.

What Example of Bad Content Writing can be shown within your Free SEO Advice section?

Writing Content is just one of many major elements within our on site SEO tips section. Other topics to cover include, meta elements, internal link structures, site structure, frankly it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, but if done properly, you would have completed a fine piece of SEO art, or in business terms financial rewards and stability!

In the old days of early search engines, before their algorithms evolved, they gave back results based on specific search keywords, so if for instance you were a “Builder in Bristol” and you placed this phrase say 10 times  within your copy text, you would possibly rank number one, on the assumption of the competition, who was also a builder in Bristol mentioned their same phrase (Builder in Bristol) 11 times, then they would out rank you (In basic English terms).

An example of bad copy would be where you try to force keywords into content in an unnatural way, causing the chances of over-optimisation, or keyword stuffing.

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Top tips:

  • Write naturally, as mentioned in our “English advice” section previously
  • Use Synonyms to avoid repetitive word cycles
  • Make use of (LSI) latent Semantic Indexing
  • Try installing the free Yoast plug in for editable check sheets for onsite SEO tips in real time that covers keyword density, url structures and heading guides within the WordPress plug in

This is the sole reason for Google updates. Take this as a “Shake up” to bring people in-line. Anyway, I’m sure you get the point!

Google gives a service to its customers that search worldwide, and extremely dedicated on user experience, not to say retrieving the correct results based on trustauthority , and relevance. But more so to stop spamming. Social media was, and still is a big part, and a vast amount of business is gained via social media campaigns along with PPC (pay per click)…… but great content will always be shared. Let’s turn the tables around here slightly, and think of how you might feel, if you typed in a search term, to be given totally irrelevant information ! I know we have all been there, and it’s so frustrating!


WordPress sites provide a plug-in that enhances copywriting  skills and Onsite SEO factors 

A WordPress site is by far the most powerful online, open sourced website creation tool that’s used today that allows writers a varied number of easy-to-navigate tools for bloggers and small business enterprises incorporating a CMS (content management system). This application makes it far simpler to use (maintain) for the end user (client)

It’s used worldwide by famous bloggers, major fortune 500 companies, not to mention the countless small business customers due to its uploading simplicity and management.

  • Yes its easier to use from an SME perspective, giving you more time to concentrate on other work-related tasks.
  • Once the sites are built, there should not be any other financial responsibilities apart from Hosting options

Our company search4local do not charge any ongoing maintenance fees as we understand that other unnecessary financial commitments can be otherwise spent on different digital marketing opportunities for greater coverage and a better ROI for our customers.

We truly believe in being transparent on prices within all our services, website design and social media and content writing is part of our website builds campaigns