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What is on site seo and the difference between onsite and off site SEO is key to any marketing, and website build. In this section we will examine, explain, and define What is on site SEO structures and how they can make, or break small companies. By understanding each section, and applying certain techniques, it will ensure the correct use, and increase visibility within search results.

This page gives an overview, but you can click the links below for specific information.

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The main elements for consideration on Onsite SEO otherwise known as (On-page), can be changed and have a major bearing on each companies pages being indexed correctly, and too a certain degree improve CTR (click through rates) but more important is it makes pages search engine friendly.

It is important to fix any issues you have with the on-page elements but again this is sometimes overlooked by small business setups and larger companies as a whole. Knowing what is on site SEO is important, get your site checked when researching, or creating a website design company.

Internet marketing company SEO services vary, but on-site SEO is usually done by a website designing company

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On-Page optimisation check list for getting things right and making a SEO friendly site with an SEO provider

#1 Before getting started on your new website build, sit down, put on a white board your navigational ideals, this will help with the URL structure and give a fantastic visual breakdown on how the site will work. Remember don’t over complicate this, think of the User Experience!

Knowing what is on site SEO and how it works is a roadmap for customers and Google to find your pages within the site, if this is not clear neither Google nor customers (visitors) will find the relevant information you have spoken about. This is especially prominent with larger sites. Either local SEO or National, online marketing is the way to go.

Imagine you were driving to a new destination in your car and it was the first time, without a map, or any guidance help you could get lost. By using the Yoast plugin for WordPress sites, this can help and save time. (Breadcrumbs)

#2 URL friendly formatted links (permanent links) are in lower case and separated by dashes. This defines the page you are speaking (content writing) about

A great example of this is explained better by Neil Patel.com on how to create SEO friendly urls

#3 Original content that’s well written and definitely not copied from other sites. Far too many small businesses today are not informed correctly on SEO rules, so end up trying to write content from other higher ranking pages (Copying) rather than their own. Do not make this mistake, be original, write thought-provoking copy about you and your products, spend some time! We have a dedicated page to this on the correct way to write content

#4 Tag images you have inserted into the page. Give each title a file name and description. This acts for two very important factors.

#5 It helps slightly on individual page optimisation, allowing the photos to be seen on the images returned by the Google search results thus giving more exposure to your (Products)

#6 Google is very keen on user experience, and there are some that may use screen readers due to being partial sighted. Imagine using this and coming across photos without the correct tag, and descriptions!

#7 Make good use of your Headings. Only one H1 heading should be used per page. The heading range is from H1-H6, however, imagine using the H1 as the main page title, then separate the others in order of importance down to|H6.

#8 Keyword and competitor research should be done BEFORE you even put pen to paper. Try not to write any pages on site without doing this. Below are some brief reasons why.

  • It will save you time, effort, and costly mistakes. Knowing about competitors will allow the correct keywords to be used. Sometimes using long tail keywords and targeting low hanging search engine optimisation fruit is the way to go!
  • Your copy writing is based around keywords, so preparation into LSI words and synonyms are the best practice.
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on site SEO, and what it is explained

What is on-site SEO and how it works, including optimisation tutorials

summary on what is on site seo for small businessMany years ago there was a very strong emphasis on off-site, maybe about 30% (on-page importance) to 70% (off-site) but within the optimisation world pages that are well-constructed within the website arena including content, and user experience carry more weight.

Other factors to include, loading speed, being mobile friendly, transparency (who wrote the page) along with broken links. These are all major components of website designs and should be addressed.