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Off-Site SEO is a process of increasing your company’s presence (visibility) online and offline. It’s like a unique footprint.This is done via off-site strategies to include content, business relationships, and back-links helping Google see trust and authority. It is suggested that both onsite, and offsite are done together, doing one or the other is not good SEO practice in today’s digital environment.

Off-site SEO  (optimisation) gives Google a firm understanding of how everyone else sees your website. References or links are needed from other high-quality sites and mentions via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter. Quality sites are bookmarked by other users because they provide relevant quality and unique information.

Think of this as Facebook. Everyone wants likes, and their information to be shared with a community to gain traction and visits………. Google sees links to and from sites and this means that your site is useful, and in turn would rank higher, meaning more sale and enquirers.

By having a proactive off-site strategy this would benefit website owners immensely through a number of factors:

  • Google gives each site a page ranking, these were put in place by Google many years ago too give the user (searcher) the most up to date information, and most relevant in the SERP’s
  • Increasing the site’s exposure, meaning more shares, visitors and mentions
link building aspects hierarchy map

Link Building is a key off-site technique that helps websites leapfrog their competitors

Link building is a technique that increases the effectiveness of a website’s position in the organic listings, and if done correctly, it’s an important skill. Let’s say that an article on your site was useful, contained unique content, then people are more likely to link to that information and vice versa. But there are important rules around this:

Useful links to explain this further is covered by neilpatel.com and is by far the most influential marketing guru in today’s SEO world. Neil offer videos on all subjects so it’s worth a look!

Black Hat SEO v White Hat SEO

Many years ago people found ways to manipulate search engines, so as they evolved through the veriest updates this has been eliminated.

What is Black Hat SEO?……Spammers used this technique by building link networks, and in the process manipulating search engine algorithms. This way is called Black Hat SEO, and not only leads to penalties but is a big no go area! Google is a sophisticated machine that notices these tactics, hence the reason for the many updates, like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

What is White Hat SEO?……. White Hat SEO is a process of correctly doing whats needed in a legitimate and trustworthy way. Although Black Hat techniques do work for a short while, White Hat is more stable and gives longevity and continuity. |It can be done via hard work on the following topics below: 

  • By sourcing quality links that count a vote of confidence over a period of time. The golden rule here is quality over quantity. We offer SEO packages that cover these link building strategies
  • Creating long, unique and rich content enhance offsite SEO trends
  • Organizing the sites architecture, or site structure
black hat seo wordmap
graphic explaining various writing styles

Building Citations for Local SEO, be visible, be productive.

Building Citations is a way for Google to evaluate your credibility as an online reference. This includes your business name, address (NAP). There are two types of citations:

  • Partial Citations are maybe your address, phone number, and these are better than nothing, but it’s important to keep the format the same if possible.
  • Full Citations are your complete business name, address, phone numbers etc. These are by far the best way. It gives Google confidence and seeing your business appearing in numerous places.

The most common way would be through local directories, and having the name address and phone number as a free listing is good enough.

Google uses this method to gain trust and authority, and it makes sense really. If a small business or large, the more places it can find the address, the phone number that matches the details on their websites, then it would want to rank that site higher.

Where can we get Citations from?…… Ok, as mentioned above the best starting place would be directories like www.118.com, www.thomsondirectories.com yellow pages etc, but this is something we do for customers within our website design and SEO packages, just call us for a free quotation or visit.


social media call to action signs

Social Media activities that boost Off-Site SEO strategies

The influence of social media in the world of SEO is a dynamic signal, especially when combining off-site and on-site optimisation. The thing with social media is you build a community around your business, so great content gets shared, and Google just love that.

Make profiles for your business websites on social networks, because it can be shared easier, and more chance of going viral, and naturally making your site higher in the organic listings.

By keeping your social followers in the loop, providing them with themed information for engagement will increase loyalty and makes better business sense.

Social bookmarking is something that’s overlooked when doing off-page optimisation. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites, and when your page/pages get marked it gives a social signal to Google. You can even bookmark your own pages by using tools like “social marker” over a vast amount of sites!

It’s been estimated that between Google and Facebook they should control over 84% of global spending online so being active via Google and social platforms are key.

Useful Free Links helping Small Business enhance traffic 

  • We would suggest listening to a marketing expert with worldwide recognition at neilpatel.com but below are further sites explaining off-site, on-site and other techniques within the world of SEO
  • www.kissmetrics.com This site is world known, offering all aspects of marketing advice.
  • Quick Sprout is another great site to increase, learn and make better changes too marketing