Free SEO tips for small business owners to help improve search traffic to websites

free seo tips for small business

Free SEO tips for small business owners in the UK to help them understand this sometimes confusing marketplace. We hope this useful advice and helpful links provides some amazing information to help your business grow.

Remember at any stage we offer a free SEO consultation service, including a website audit to gain insight into potential issues that may be hindering your current website status. If you need help just ask.

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What is Business SEO and how can this help with marketing? 

This is an activity carried out by business owners that have websites controlled by them or in the hands of an outside affordable optimisation firm. Knowing how to do SEO is an art, but keeping in line with Googles parameters is essential for best practice, lead generation, and online presence.

SEO for small (SME) business is crucial in today’s world and still, many companies are unsure what impact this has. are an established UK based company dealing with all digital marketing aspects and have a complete range of services, but giving free SEO tips for small business is key to establishing common ground.

We know what it’s like today

    • Conflicting information
    • Understanding Google updates with MOZ
    • Finding the correct keywords
    • Competition analysis to be competitive
    • SEO packages for small businesses that are affordable and realistic
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To incorporate this vast knowledge into website creating takes time, and sometimes money. Rome was not built in a day but by chipping away a little at a time, this advice can produce results.

A common misunderstanding with SEO is it’s not a quick fix, so getting involved now rather than later is imperative for longevity and viability both for visitors, and Google. With all the different elements that we cover in this section, we hope to help your understanding a little.

Look at the results given back for a keyword search, look at the number one position in the organic listings.

  • Is your copy as good as, or better than the number one company?
  • If not, then you do not deserve to be there.


free seo tips for small business to save money

Onsite SEO and Off site elements both need to be performed, so, don’t make the mistake of just focussing on one aspect. People often ask us, why their given keyword and pages are not ranking, we’ll use this technique mentioned above and your question maybe answered along with getting your meta elements and site structure correct.

Far too little time nowadays is given to the copywriting aspect of websites. Customers put little, or no information on their pages. Google ranks pages, not the website. Content and copywriting skills are important, so take time and create compelling, relevant content.

It sometimes does not need to be expensive, tips for business large and small are essential, but like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out!

If your site is a new build, then patience is needed because Google uses authority and trust as key metrics, so outranking pages that have gained authority can often take time. Check out your competition to see whats needed and build a plan to achieve results.

It does not necessarily mean that new domains and sites can’t do well, just have realistic expectations. By writing great content that answers the visitors questions will often be the most effective way, but don’t write “Fluff” for the sake of getting your word count up, if you have nothing to write about don’t write it!

Applying common sense is the best way forward, this is common sense, however, it is often overlooked. We have an example below:

SEO tips for beginners in 2018 – keeping search and brand forefront.

A customer once asked us if we could put an SEO package together on a budget of £200 per month.

His target keyword was “Car Insurance” and his site had just been built. We told him that his budget would not be enough. £200 per month for 6 months = £1,200. Because of the competitive market, and with this site being new, his money would be wasted. Search4Local look at all the elements and factors, and being honest is a key driver in our business model.

Changing content continually is best practice, so never consider your site finished. Attracting visitors, and making or generating enquiries is the focus objective of websites, coupled with generating money.

Understanding Google updates, past and present will keep you inline. However, not understanding, and receiving penalties as a result, would not be great. The excuse of not being aware will not “wear” with Google. It is the sole responsibility of the site owners.

seo tips for sme business

Simple and free tools, such as the free SEO by Yoast tool can help, especially if you are constructing a WordPress site. This will help with meta elements and basic on-site checks. We strongly recommend having this.

Google is a great way to resource information, however, many sites nowadays with small business owners seem to not include the Google search console. Being a free tool, it can help with what keywords your site ranks for. Install and use along with Google Analytics

Low cost SEO services for small business are available, but applying logic is the best way forward.

Search engine optimisation does not need to be expensive, however, it does depend on certain factors. Get some advice from a local marketing company to see what is needed but ensure both onsite and off-site optimisation is covered. There is a diverse range of tools that are available to you to use today and these can be a key driver in helping your site rank. Small business SEO tips can be found online.

Directory advertising has greatly diminished and been replaced by display advertising online and various other ingenious marketing platforms, therefore relying solely on SEO is not good practice. However, if done correctly it can greatly help drive inquires into your business. Follow and subscribe to Neil Patel online for great marketing advice, he is a legend in the industry with straight-talking advice and fabulous videos.

Yes, SEO and its basics are key, but how many businesses forget about Facebook campaigns along with PPC campaigns. We would strongly advise using this tactic below:

It’s easier to ask 1,000,000 people for a pound, rather than one person for a 1,000,000!

Seems an easy strategy, but how many follow this? FB campaigns carried out by Blue Print accredited companies, opens up another world for lead generation and success. Many think it’s a case of “Boosting” a post on your business site, however, optimising Facebook advertising is not so easy. Please ask us about advanced and managed social media advertising within your free marketing consultation if needed, it’s free!

Display advertising can be directed to specific searches, can create a bigger brand awareness and be a source of complimentary inquiries, so if you have a marketing budget, cover more than just SEO within Google and other search engines. Tactics include;

  • Google shopping
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Facebook shopping
  • Display adverts
local seo tips for small business

WordPress is by far the most powerful online, open sourced website creation tool that’s available today, incorporating a full content management system (CMS). This application makes it far simpler to use (maintain) for the end user (client).

It’s used worldwide by famous bloggers, major fortune 500 companies, not too mention the countless small business customers due to its uploading simplicity and management.

  • Yes, its easier to use from an SME perspective, giving you more time too concentrate on other work-related tasks.
  • Once the sites are built, there should not be any other financial responsibilities apart from Hosting options

Our company does not charge any ongoing maintenance fees as we understand that other unnecessary financial commitments can be otherwise spent on different digital marketing opportunities for greater coverage and a better ROI for our customers.

We truly believe in being transparent on prices within all our services, website design and social media campaigns

What is the difference between organic and paid results?

Google has changed the position of their paid results now. Previously they were placed on the right-hand side of the SERP page but now they appear on the top and bottom of the organic (natural) results. Basically, if the results have AD before them they are paid, the remainder are natural (organic).

Customers have options to create effective and specific Adword campaigns, generally known as PPC (pay per click)

PPC is a paid service where you select certain keyword phrases and each term has a monetary value per click through and monthly search volume. This can be very competitive, time-consuming and needs to be monitored consistently, so unless you have experience in keyword research involving broad, medium, and long tail phrases. It’s best to “err on the side of caution” Most companies with little experience tend to use marketing companies who are accredited Google partnersThis can be a good option for faster results.

As a percentage (and this changes and is an estimate) around 74% of people click organic listings so you can do the maths on paid advertising (PPC). With that being said, the turn around for new start-up businesses and the SME market can get good and instant results, but the real winners are the organic results hands down.

So what’s the best strategy moving forward?

organic v paid google search results

For long-term longevity and continuity with stable businesses, it would make sense to develop the organic aspect, however, this involves an SEO package and hard work over a period of time. Results on organic searches do involve effort, so invest for the long-term security of your websites rankings and make sure that the basic foundations are drawn and do the job correctly. The foundation is key with site structure  and website development opportunities.

So the winning combination must be as my dear mother once said  “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” Diversity is the winning formula.

  • Work on your SEO strategies for future investment, keep ahead of competition
  • Make use of social media campaigns with Blue print partners, play the field a little
  • Utilise PPC for instant results, start gaining confidence
  • Maximise on cost-effective direct display advertising for brand awareness
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What are the most common acronyms in the SEO world, and their definitions?

Well in the marketing and optimisation industry these are frequently used as an everyday language, but more and more customers and considerable numbers of the general public are getting wise with them. Maybe they will come in handy at the local trivia pub quiz, you may be a winner!

AS Article Submission, API Application Program Interface, B2B Business to Business, B2C Business to Consumer, CPC Cost Per Click, CTR Click Through Rate, CTA Content Targeted Advertising, CTA Call to Action, CPM Cost Per Thousands, CPA Cost Per Action, CPA Cost Per Acquisition, CPL Cost Per Lead, CPO Cost Per Order, CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation, CGI Common Gateway Interface, CMS Content Management System, CSS Cascading Style Sheets, CSE Comparison Shopping Engine, CPV Cost Per View, CVN Card Verification Number, COA Cost of Acquisition, DS Directory Submission, DC Data Center,DL R Deep Link Ratio, DKI Dynamic Keyword Insertion, DLP Directory Listings Page, DNS Domain Name Server, DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DFO Data Feed Optimisation, DRP Directory Results Pages, DSRP Directory Search Results Page, DMM Digital Media Marketing, EMD Exact Match Domain, FFA Free For All Pages, FCP Frequently Cached Page, GIS Google Image Search, GDS Guaranteed Directory Submission, GAP Google Advertising Professional, GWT Google Webmaster Tools, HTML Hyper text Markup Language HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol HTTPS Hyper text Transfer Protocol Secure, IM Internet Marketing, IP Internet Protocol, IDF Inverse Document Frequency, IBL In Bound Links, ISP Internet Service Providers, JGI Just Google It KDA Keyword Density Analyser,  KEI Keyword Effectiveness Index, LB Link Building ,LSA Latent Semantic Analysis, LSI Latent Semantic Indexing, LPO Landing Page Optimisation, MTO Meta Tags Optimisation, MCP Moderately Cached Page, MFA Made For Advertising, NSEO Negative SEO, OBL Out Bound Link, OWBL One Way Back Link, ODP Open Directory Project, ORM Online Reputation Management, OSE Open Site Explorer, PR Page Rank, PPC Pay Per ClickPDF Portable Document Format, PFI Pay For Inclusion, PFL Paid For Listings, PPR Pay Per Rank, PPV Pay Per Visitor, PPP Pay Per Post, ROI Return on Investment, RI Regular Index, RTL Regional Long Tail, RTB Real Time Bidding, PFP Pay for Performance, SE Search Engine, SB Social Bookmarking, SI Supplemental Index, SEO Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Search Engine Optimisation, SEM Search Engine Marketing, SEP Search Engine Poisoning, SER Search Engine Ranking, SMO Social Media Optimisation SMM Social Media Marketing, SMEs Small And Medium sized Enterprises, SES Search Engine Strategies, SERM Search Engine Results Management, SERP Search Engine Results Page, SRM Search Reputation Management SSI Server Side Includes SEW Search Engine Watch SEP Search Engine Positioning SMX Search Marketing Expo SNS Social Networking Service SWL Site Wide Link, TLP Top Level Page TLA Text Link Ads, TBPR Toolbar Page Rank, TR Trust Rank, URL Uniform Resource Locator ,UGC User Generated Content, UX User Experience, VS Video Submission, XML Extensible Markup Language XHTML Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language .

Conclusion: Free SEO tips for small business can work using advice and over some time. Be patient, and write great content.

SEO is a process of creating traffic from search engines, and by getting the correct free SEO tips for small business can dynamically help with present and future Google guidelines.

  • Write great rich content, do not try to manipulate search results, combine an off page and on page SEO techniques with alternative marketing platforms.
  • Use an SEO check via Yoast plugin if using a WordPress site to increase SEO ranking.
  • The best SEO tips can be done using free SEO tools and use a local optimisation company.

We are here to help, so give us a call on 01392 419159 and speak to a consultant by phone, or a free visit at your business address. We do give free tips for small businesses on SEO in the UK.