Utilising Social Media Paid Advertising

In today’s online culture, social media has become a giant communication tool used by billions of people from all walks of life around the world.  Because of its extensive reach, it has become the number one media outlet upon which to advertise a business.   Harnessing the advertising power of the social media giant is a technical but highly-rewarding process. Here at Search4Local, we have the knowledge and expertise to compile bespoke social media advertising campaigns. Our managed social advertising campaigns will command attention, raise brand awareness, and importantly spearhead sales. We operate social media marketing campaigns across multiple social networks and we are highly-experienced in Facebook marketing.

Social Media Advertising Works

Love it, or hate it, the fact is that social media is an incredibly powerful tool for online business promotion. These media channels provide an unrivalled and powerful platform in which to reach out to potential customers.  In addition, paid for social media ads have the unparalleled capability to micro-target potential customers based on factors such as location, gender, age and interests. Furthermore, this kind of online advertising is competitively priced, compared to other more traditional forms of advertising, such as newspaper and TV advertising.  As a result, advertising through social media can reap large rewards for little initial outlay. As a matter of fact, if set up and managed properly, social media advertising will pay for itself many times over.

If you are looking for a Facebook marketing agency to set up and manage your social media marketing then speak to the experts here at Search4Local. We are a digital marketing agency with our head office based in Exeter, we operate throughout the South West, including Taunton, Somerset, Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Newport, Cardiff and across the entire South West of England and Wales.

Here at Search4Local, we have the ability to manage campaigns across multiple online social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, because Facebook is by far the most popular network, we have detailed some of the advertising formats available on Facebook below.

Facebook Marketing

For highly-targeted, cost-effective and powerful social marketing and advertising, Facebook is the leading social network in which to promote your business. Research suggests that there are over 32 million Facebook accounts in the UK. Facebook offers a diverse variety of ways in which to advertise. Facebook marketing formats include static, carousel, and video traffic ads, lead generator forms and like campaigns.

When a user first sets up a Facebook account, Facebook requires personal information from the user. For example, a user will have to input data such as gender, location, age, interests, education and so forth. All the Facebook advertising formats can be highly targeted to your desired target audience based on demographics, location and interests. For example, if you sell motorcycle clothing, it is possible to only target users who have shown an interest in motorcycle sports.

Million Facebook users in the UK and counting.

Facebook Traffic Ads

Traffic ads drive traffic to your website from a Facebook advertisement. Increase brand awareness with the added benefit of receiving more visitors to your website.

Static Ads

A static Facebook advertisement consists of a relatively simple advertisement, showcasing a message and static image. There are restrictions on the amount of wording, so when you are looking to promote your business it is very important that the image represents the message or promotional service. Static ads can be the most efficient way to generate sales leads for your business.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are similar to static ads in terms of visual format and word. However, because they are in carousel format it means you can promote various products or services. The user can scroll across the different advertisement tiles to view your promotions. This form of advertising is engaging to the user and has the advantage of being able to advertise various parts of your business. This type of advertising is a slightly more expensive way to reach a chosen audience, however, it is more engaging. Therefore, it can be a highly-effective way of marketing your business to a chosen audience.

Video Ads

Facebook video ads are a highly-engaging way of communicating marketing messages with your desired audience. Video ads are flexible and can last from just one second up to a massive 240 minutes. In addition, they can have audio which enhances their appeal. We recommend that a promotional video advert lasts between 15 – 30 seconds. Videos provide the perfect platform in which to promote your business. Ads can be serious or funny and there is considerable scope for creativity. The more engaging, the better the outcome and the more leads will be generated. This type of Facebook marketing is more expensive than both static and carousel ads. However, because they command the user’s attention for an extended duration, the user is exposed to branding and message for longer. As a result, the chances of conversion increases.

Lead Generation Forms

Facebook lead generation forms are the most effective way for gaining new leads through Facebook. They initially look like a normal advert, in any format. Upon clicking on the ad, a lead generation form will open and auto-fill the fields with the user’s data. You can specify which data you require which is handy. The data is then automatically sent through to your email inbox, as well as being stored in your Facebook insight. Therefore, you are able to immediately follow up on the lead, increasing the chances of conversion. Due to the nature of this type of advertising and its success rate, it is the most expensive advertising format on Facebook.

Like Campaigns

Facebook Like campaigns are available in static, video and slideshow formats. They are different to normal advertising because instead of driving traffic to your website, they encourage people to like your page. These campaigns are a great way to increase likes and followers organically.