Digital Display Advertising, Display Impressions To Market Your Business

Digital Display Advertising builds brand awareness, creates a digital footprint enhancing National and local marketing Campaigns. We do provide free seo advice for creating great content for on site seo purposes.

Creating digital display advertising, for websites and social media platforms is forefront in the digital world today, because the old advertising display boards, even though great, are now slightly dated. People want answers now in this fast-paced world.

Search4Localad campaign display advertising campaigns is a digital marketing company based in Exeter offering digital display advertising campaigns, and services to customers across the whole of the South West of England, including Exeter, Taunton, Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol, Bath Newport, Cardiff and on a National level.

Display Advertising is today’s equivalent to newspaper advertisements, magazine and directory advertising rolled into one, however, it packs more benefits.

It is common knowledge that traditional print media has been suffering from an extensive decline over the past 20 years. Furthermore, it is forecast to decline in the future.

Gone are the good old days of placing an ad in a local paper and it being seen by large swathes of the local community. In fact, newspaper advertising in today’s climate of low readership figures and expensive advertising rates means that newspaper advertising is highly ineffective. There are better places to invest precious advertising revenue. Digital display advertising is the most cost-effective for an ROI.

daily news omg shocking news attention grabbing headlineMedia consumption habits have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. The internet has become a giant communication tool used worldwide and accessible by the majority of the population and with on- site seo being prominent the general public should be aware of  google updates with MOZ   Read, research or obtain free SEO tips for small business and be ahead of the competition

The advent of the smartphone and mobile apps to increase lead generation has only increased internet usage because people have access to the internet virtually everywhere. Magazine and newspapers publish online and it has become a natural reaction to look to the internet when seeking information. The term “I’ll Google it” is becoming ever popular.

Types of display advertising in the digital arena

Digital advertising examples are available in a range of formats, such as leaderboard, banner, MPU, and skyscraper. Due to its digital nature, online display adverts often include rich media, such as streaming video, audio, and animation.

Traditional print media ads tend to use images alongside a substantial amount of text. Adversely, online display advertising is not usually content-heavy. Digital display ads harness the power of imagery to capture attention to drive sales and build a brand. The added benefit of the ability to integrate rich media drives the desired messages home much more effectively than ever before.

What are the Benefits of Online Display Advertising?

Digital display advertising has a host of benefits.

Potential to reach a huge audience
Highly targeted (location, keyword, context)
Mobile responsive
Far more cost-effective than traditional media
Retargeting users through cookies (the ad follows you online)
Drives traffic to your website
Conversion rates are increased
Trackability. You can review how well your ads are working.

How Can Display Advertising Help Your Business?

digital display advertising wordmap bannerDisplay adverts are excellent for promoting a product or service while also building brand recognition. When the ad is clicked on, the user is redirected to your website or a product page. It is also possible to have ads that do not click through, however, maximum benefit will be gained through a clickable ad.

Furthermore, reports show that businesses that use display advertising will see an increase in the number of searches for their business. Overall, they can augment the impact of a pay per click campaign and are often best used in tandem with one another.

At Search4Local, our graphic designers create the ad copy for you and your advert is broadcast across a large portfolio of websites. Our portfolio includes many popular household name websites across the UK.

We provide expert advice with keyword contextual targeting which enables adverts to appear within the context of a web page which has certain keywords within the content of that page. In addition, we can help with category contextual targeting, something that produces adverts for internet users who have a browser history that is relevant to the advertiser in question.

What Do The Experts Say?

campaign exeter summary on digital marketing for small business According to a well-researched article from Sitepoint, nearly as many internet users respond to business display adverts by carrying out their own search related to it, as do those who click on the display ad itself.

Their survey revealed that some 31% of web surfers engage with online display advertising by clicking on it, while 27% respond to it by initially running their own search as a result of seeing it. Importantly, the proportion of surfers who ultimately go on to search for a product or brand at some point in the future rises to 49%. This owes to the fact the user has been exposed to display advertising. “Clearly, business display advertising drives consumers… both initially and over time.”

How Can Search4Local Help Your Business?

Search4Local has a team of experienced marketers who have the expertise to set up, manage and report on your advertising campaigns. Although our digital marketing company covers the whole of the South West. We have a team of knowledgeable consultants that can visit your business to discuss your needs. Advertising campaign recommendations are based on your business needs.

Areas we cover include; Exeter, Taunton, Wellington, Torquay, Weston-super-Mare, Bristol, Bridgwater, Somerset, Devon, Cardiff, Newport and South Wales.